Hi, We Are Waggy Tails

Charlie & Kim Warden

Waggy Tails Pet Center was birthed in the back yard of Charlie & Kim Warden, both native Nashvillian’s, in 2015 when Charlie decided to walk away from his very successful dentistry business that he had spent the last 30 years of his life building. He got to a point in life where he wanted to spend more time helping others – it just so happens that the others in his case are all “furry”.

“I have always loved animals and it was always apparent to me that they seem to “warm up” to me, even though they don’t know me, right away. This helped guide me toward opening a place where I could love on them and they can love on me while providing a service to the owners.”

His goal and prayer was to tale care of 5-6 dogs a day. In two very short years that number grew to over 60 dogs a day and could have gotten much bigger but he ran out of space – he also had a zoning issue staring him right in the face. He tried to out run both but could not find the “right place” to do what he does so he had to ultimately close the kennel. It was devastating for him his clients and the fur babies.

Michael & Renee Martin

Michael & Renee Martin came into the picture via their fur babies Coco and Sophie – English and French Bulldogs. “We boarded Coco at our vet to go out of town for just a couple of days and the look in her eyes when we picked her up broke our hearts. We promised her we would never do that to her again!”

Like a lot of other businesses, word of mouth is how they found out about Waggy Tails so they made arrangements to meet and the rest is history! To this day you can say the word “Charlie” and both of them light up with excitement! That is a pretty common theme from all the pets that spend time at Waggy Tails!

When they had the opportunity to re-open in Franklin, TN, this past April they jumped all over it and got busy. Within just a couple of months of securing the location at 1902 Columbia Ave they were able to start keeping pets. It was a great day for them and the many others who rely on them to take care of their fur babies and of course the fur babies themselves.






1902 Columbia Ave.

Franklin, TN 37064

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 7am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 8-12pm/5-7pm

Sunday: 7-9am/5-7pm

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